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Friday, April 15, 2011

NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) voted worst airport in Asia, ranks 5th in world

"Such a shame. I often visit Manila for business and must say I always enjoy my visit ...apart from the bloody airport. Terminal 1 needs to be demolished. It is filthy, too small and WAY past its prime. Lines are insanely long, and I was shocked that I had to pay an airport tax for such a shithole. There were no toilet seats OR RUNNING WATER in the bathrooms! A big bucket with a dipper was by the front door and about four attendants hassled me for a tip. When I asked a security guard where the smoking area was he told me to follow him...and took me out on to the tarmac (so much for security) where he then insisted on a bribe before he let me back into the terminal. How does one say "no" to a security guard with a gun? Last time I was there I saw that the new terminal 3 has opened, but only for Philippine based airlines. Well, I do hope they hurry up and move the rest over there soon and burn terminal 1 to the ground."

Manila Airport Guide

Airport Lounges

  • Delta Sky Club Lounge
    Location: West Wing, Departure Level, above Gate 15. Access / Rate: US$ 50 for a day pass

Airport WiFi

Free wireless internet is available at the Manila Airport.

Airport Hotels

If sleeping in the Manila Airport does not appeal to you, there is a hotel near the airport....
  • Marriott Hotel - located across from Terminal 3
  • Manila Airport Hotel - Free airport shuttle.

Terminal Quick Tips

Here is some additional information that we've picked out of from your reviews. Be sure to read the review pages for the latest traveller reviews and add your own airport experiences:
  • unfriendly staff
  • boring
  • not clean
  • hard seats
  • corruption, bribery, scams
  • overcrowded
  • chaos
  • keep your bags close
  • WiFi in the PAL lounge
  • Terminal 1 is in BAD shape


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